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Email regarding poster printing should be sent to: posters@pbrc.hawaii.edu

Do not send copies of your poster file or any other large email attachment to our email address unless you are specifically invited to do so by a member of our staff.

The poster printing email address is: . Use this email address if you require clarification about the policies and procedures of the service, or if you have questions about the printing of your posters that are not answered here. Email to this address will automatically be forwarded to all appropriate individuals. In order to ensure that you receive a reply to your inquiry, please whitelist email messages from *@pbrc.hawaii.edu or be sure to check your spam folder regularly.

Do not send copies of your poster file or any other large email attachment to this address unless you are specifically invited to do so by a member of our staff.

Poster Preparation and Submission Guidelines


Failure to follow any of these guidelines will delay the printing of your poster.


Poster Submission: Do not email your poster file to us. Poster files submitted via email will not be printed. Posters must be submitted via our online Poster Printing Request Form. The request form should not be completed until you have read all of our instructions. If you submit a poster for printing please whitelist emails from *@pbrc.hawaii.edu or check your spam folder regularly in case we need to contact you about your poster.

Advanced Notice: Ample advanced notice of intent to submit a poster printing request is highly recommended. Poster printing requests often cluster around special events or conferences. Notifying us of your intentions will help us with scheduling printer time. We cannot guarantee that we will always have the time to print all submitted jobs. Posters are printed on a first-come, first-served basis. If we are not able to complete your request, we will notify you as quickly as possible to allow time for you to find an alternative printing service.

Poster submission deadline: Posters must be submitted to us at least 48 weekday hours in advance (holidays and weekends are excluded from the required 48 hours). If you submit the poster less than 48 hours before you require it, we cannot guarantee it will be printed on time.

Printing Request Form: Though not absolutely required for submission, we ask that you indicate your computer type, operating system and the software used to create your poster. The most common software used to create posters is Microsoft PowerPoint but there are many versions in use. If possible indicate the version used to create your poster. If you use other software to create your poster, please upload the original file as well as an Acrobat PDF.

Poster Size

Maximum Poster Size: Posters must be 40 inches x 54 inches or less. One side of your poster must be less than or equal to 40 inches. The other must be less than or equal to 54 inches. Posters exceeding these maximum dimensions will be sent back to you for correction before printing.

How To Set Your Poster Size: Posters are printed at 100% scale, so it is important to set your poster size correctly. Set the poster size in Powerpoint by using the File -> Page Setup menu. Select custom in the "slides sized for" option. It is very important to set your page size correctly before begining to create your poster. Resizing a completed poster is not a simple task. Your custom size must be 40x54 inches or less. Either orientation is fine; choose the one that suits your desired poster layout.

Paper Sizes: Full-sized Scientific Posters are printed on roll paper that is 42 inches wide. There is a required 1 inch white border on each side, so the maximum printable short-edge length is 40 inches. The maximum printable long-edge length of a full-sized poster is 54 inches. If you require a longer poster, contact us via email.

Promotional Posters are printed on roll paper that is 24 inches wide. Allowing for the 1 inch white border on each side, the maximum printable width is 22 inches. To be invoiced as a Promotional Poster, the maximum printable length is also 22 inches.

Borders: We are not equipped to do "full bleed" (borderless) printing. Posters are printed with borders of approximately 1 inch on each side. If your poster must be a particular size, plan to make the length and width of your poster 2 inches smaller than than the required final size. You do not have to incorporate borders into your poster design/layout. You can put elements right up to the very edge of your poster.


Graphic resolution: Pictures and graphs will look pixilated when they are expanded. To see if your graphics will be pixilated when the poster is printed, zoom in and view your poster at 100%.

Resizing graphics: Avoid squishing your graphics during resizing by pressing and holding shift as you click and drag a corner. This preserves the aspect ratio of the graphic.

Logos: High-resolution University, JABSOM, PBRC, and other organization logos that are suitable for inclusion in your posters are available at: http://www.pbrc.hawaii.edu/logos

Graphs, Charts, And Figures: In order to avoid issues, please export your graphs/charts/figures as images and import the image into your poster rather than inserting a graph/chart/figure directly.

Fonts and Colors

Fonts: Use standard fonts like Helvetica, Arial, or Times Roman. The suggested minimum font size is 24 pt.

Colors: Printer colors do not necessarily match colors on your screen. If color matching is important for your project, contact us about creating a color sample.

Draft Printing and Reprinting

Avoid Errors: Proof your poster before submitting it for printing! Print a copy of your poster using the "fit to page size" option and check for spelling, grammar, alignment, layout, font sizes, etc. You may find layout issues in the printout that you won't see on the screen.

Draft Printing: We will not print draft copies of your poster. The printing process is time-consuming and the materials are expensive. Please submit final material only.

Reprints: Unless the need for a reprint is a result of our error we will not reprint posters. Proofread your posters carefully and thoroughly before submitting them. Only posters that you are 100% sure are ready for printing should be submitted.

The Completed Poster

Poster Pickup: You will receive an email notifying you when your poster has been printed and packaged for pickup. You will receive one notification email per poster. Please whitelist emails from *@pbrc.hawaii.edu or be sure to check your spam folder regularly.

Poster Handling And Care: Care must be taken to not get posters wet. The ink is not waterproof and may run if wet. Damage can occur if handled or touched with damp, moist, or sweaty hands.

Although resistant to fading and moisture, laminated posters are still vulnerable to creases and wrinkles. If the laminated poster is creased or wrinkled badly enough, the laminate may separate from the poster. Laminated posters that have large areas of dark colors are more prone to delaminate under such conditions. Care should be taken when rolling a laminated poster to avoid pressure on the poster that can cause delamination. Roll the poster with the printed side facing out with a gentle curve, and then, if desired, gradually tighten it. Laminated posters should not be rolled tighter than roughly 2.5 inches in diameter.

Payment: If a University entity (PI, fiscal or departmental office) is listed in the Invoice Recipient field, an invoice will be attached to the poster when it is picked up. The poster submitter is responsible for delivering this invoice to the PI or fiscal office.

If the poster submitter and/or a non-UH address is entered into the Invoice Recipient field, payment will be by personal funds due upon pickup of your poster. Payment must be made by check (payable to The Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii) or cash (exact amount only; we do not keep change on hand). Sorry, but we do not have the capability to process credit or debit cards. See our payment instructions for more information about suggested payment methods.