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Poster Preparation and Submission Guidelines
Office of Public Health Studies

In addition to information found on our Poster Printing Service Web Pages, OPHS poster submitters should be aware of the following:

Poster Charges: There is no charge for posters authored and submitted by OPHS faculty/staff and students participating in a departmental symposium (you will be told by your faculty advisor that poster printing is free for the event). Students submitting posters for other reasons, who do not have an OPHS faculty member as a co-auther, are not eligible. If you are eligible for free printing, specify OPHS as the department and do not complete the invoicing portion of the submission form. Poster printing is the only no cost service available to OPHS faculty/staff.

Reprinting: Please see the section of our main guidelines regarding Draft Printing and Reprinting. We do not print draft versions of posters that are intended to be proof-read, corrected and resubmitted. If this is required, you may either print your poster on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, or take it to a commercial poster printer for an inexpensive black and white poster-sized draft copy. If we make an error in printing your poster, we will reprint it at no charge. Posters that are resubmitted with corrections or modifications after the the first copy has been printed will be subject to our normal poster charges. Please include invoicing information when you submit your reprint request.

Poster Trimming: Your poster will be printed centered on paper that is 42 inches wide. We do not provide border trimming for OPHS posters.

Poster Lamination: We are no longer offering lamination for posters printed under our agreement with OPHS. If you require lamination for your poster, you must submit your printing request via our normal for-fee service (you will be charged for both printing and lamination costs).