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* Note: If you indicate a non-work address for billing, or if you plan to use personal funds to pay for your printing, you will be required to submit payment (cash or check) when you pick up the poster. Make checks payable to Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii or RCUH. When paying in cash you must bring the exact amount, we do not have change available.


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Full-sized Scientific Poster $75.00 (longest side larger than 24", area more than 2 sq. ft.)

Promotional Poster $55.00 (longest side less than 24", area less than 2 sq. ft.)

Lamination Services (check only one)

Full-sized Scientific Poster Lamination $40.00 (longest side larger than 24", area more than 2 sq. ft.)

Promotional Poster Lamination $35.00 (longest side less than 24", area less than 2 sq. ft.)

Note: Lamination services may be delayed or suspended during periods of heavy workload related to special events.

Additional Charges

Design Consultation and Special Services $30.00 (rate specified is per hour, billing is in 15 minute increments)


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