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Reproductive Data for Cypraea moneta (Linnaeus)
egg diameter -
reproductive season -
development -
occurrence common in basaltic tidepools above the low tide zone and on undersurfaces of loose rocks and dead coral in sandy areas; under loose stones in sandy mud at Hauulua, Oahu, and in tidepools high on basalt benches on Kauai
references E. A. Kay in The Systematics of the Cypraeidae Elucidated by a Study of Cypraea caputserpentis and Related Forms, 1957

Phylogenetic Information
phylum Mollusca
class Gastropoda (subclass Prosobranchia)
order Neotaenioglossa
family Cypraeidae (subfamily Cypraeinae)
genus Cypraea
species moneta (Linnaeus)
reproduction method copulation