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Reproductive Data for Phestilla sibogae (Bergh)
egg diameter -
reproductive season continuous
development 1) veliger larvae emerge from egg mass ca: 5 days after fertilization. Plankton larval phase ca: 3 days, after which the larvae attains metamorphic competence.2) Will only metamorphose (10-11 days after egg laying) in the presence of living Porites compressa
occurrence associated with Porites compressa
references 1) C. L. Hunter in Genotypic Diversity and Population Structure of the Hawaiin Reef Coral, Porites compressa, 1988; 2) Harris 1970 in D. B. Bonar in An Analysis of metamorphosis in Phestilla sibogae Bergh 1905 (Gastropoda, Nudibranchia), 1973; 3) B.J. McCauley in Metamorphosis without Gene Expression or Cell Proliferation in a Marine Mollusk, 1997; 4) D.B. Bonar in An Analysis of Metamorphosis in Phestilla sibogae, 1973

Phylogenetic Information
phylum Mollusca
class Gastropoda (subclass Opisthobranchia)
order Nudibranchia
family Cuthonidae
genus Phestilla
species sibogae (Bergh)
reproduction method -